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Will Kruger’s Drought Policy Affect Its Elephant Population

Will Kruger’s Drought Policy Affect Its Elephant Population

The African elephant is listed as a Protected Species in the list of Threatened or ... According to Kruger [13], population control is, however, urgently required to slow down ... economic, environmental and policy issues affecting the private landowners. ... Fire management plan, drought (indicating dates and intensity) water.... The Kruger drought was the first in 20 years in this system and, with a duration of at ... Kruger is home to a full complement of native savanna herbivores, with total mean ... Impala and elephants are mixed feeders (Codron et al., 2007, 2006). ... Kruger herbivore population estimates during drought are not.... can influence elephant density and distribution, we argue that the effectiveness o surface-water ... management tool will therefore be area- and population-specific and will depend on ... of surface-water availability for even the worst droughts in Kruger. ... distribution policy for biodiversity maintenance in the Kruger. National.... Q&A: Extreme Drought in South Africa's Kruger National Park: How is Wildlife Faring ... A caravan of animals makes its way to one of Kruger National Park's ... Many species are affected by the drought but not all negatively. ... For example, during the 1991/1992 drought, the KNP buffalo population dropped.... Drought, in particular, has led to death in several wildlife species. ... Understanding the influence of these climatic factors on wildlife resources is vital for ... other and external reports from policy documents related to biodiversity and climate ... out in Kruger National Park sought to establish the extent to which the population.... In South Africa, where savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) populations and ... the Kruger National Park (KNP), the impact of elephants on large trees is viewed by ... The impact of elephants above a certain threshold can lead to loss of ... in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy.... The most common definition of a drought is that it is a prolonged period of low ... In January 2018, the Kruger National Park considered reopening ... The installation of these artificial water points drastically affected the elephant population, ... a controversial culling policy was introduced into the system and,.... the food web can have an effect on the entire food web. ... In wildlife areas, policy instruments are designed to change human behaviour ... drought was used to analyse trends of large herbivore populations in Gonarezhou between ... Moreover, buffalo and elephant counts in Kruger have been conducted.... Conservation groups.... The drought experienced in Kruger over the 2015/2016 rainy season may have ... Consequently, across several African elephant populations, deviations in ... that only poaching is likely to impact the population dynamics of this species. ... Privacy Policy Terms of Use Advertise Media Inquiries Contact.. of elephants, the non-interference policies are not without their own ethical dilemmas. ... But when droughts come, each buffalo must compete with the others for ... censusing of Kruger's elephant population, which is the most intensive and ... such as rainfall in nearby areas and culling, have little effect on their movements.

But, despite the good news, the long-term impact of the poaching crisis is taking its toll, as well as the prolonged drought affecting food and water resources. ... South Africa has by far the largest population of rhinos in the world and is an ... Most illegal activity occurs in Kruger National Park, a 19,485 km2 of protected habitat.... The policy of establishing artificial water-points was adopted to support herbivore ... thus alleviating concerns that upstream demands on water would reduce the ... The water provisioning program was also designed to minimize the influence of ... could lead to population crashes during droughts if the area that populations.... In 2007 the elephant population in Africa was estimated at between 470000 ... In this review, we outline the major factors affecting the future survival of elephants. ... the majority of attention from conservationists and policy-makers. However, poaching is not the only factor: climate change, habitat loss, and.... culling of elephants and rational utilization of their products do not threaten the welfare ... however well-meaning, which could adversely affect the African elephant. ... The largest population, 7,478 in September 1978 is confined to the Kruger ... The present policy of the National Parks Board of South Africa is to maintain the.... environmental changes or time-lags, population density will remain close to ... of drought-related mortality and its impact on elephant populations require ... vegetation, for example in Kruger National Park in South African (Smit and ... particular finding rules out dehydration as the cause of elephant mortality.... The new policy proposes that the Kruger National Park be divided into six zones@two ... and two low-elephant-impact zones (where numbers will be actively reduced). A history of the elephant population is given, and a resume of previous poli-cies. ... and the largest drought recorded (Viljoen 1995;Zambatis & Biggs 1995).. The ongoing drought is taking its toll on South Africa's wildlife and we look at how this could affect elephant populations in Kruger National Park. Kruger National.... Poaching is contributing to rapid declines in elephant populations across ... While it seems clear that elephant poaching is a pan-African problem,, the effect of ... South Africa's Kruger National Park) and elephant poaching remains ... Supply-side anti-poaching policies focus on increased effectiveness of.... impala (a mixed grazer-browser) and browsers were little affected. Mortality ... drought levels within 2 years in Kruger but, apart from impala, will take longer in the more ... The populations of impala, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and warthog, ... where the culling policy adopted in the remainder of the reserve had been followed.


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